Historical Russian Blackwork (Scarletwork)

I have a dream to tell you about historical folk embroidery in Russia.

It has much in common with Europeen Blackwork, but still it is quite by it's-self as it has unique and peculiar traits.
And probably it would be interesting to do the comparison between Europeen Blackwork and Russian peasant embroidery.
But for this moment I just want to show few interesing and exciting pictures.
Blackwork embroidered Coif, reconstruction by Louise Pass
This lovely hand-embroidered coif is available at Etsy woodsholme.etsy.com.
Tudor chemise, reconstruction
Rare surviving Tudor chemise, Museum of Costume in Bath
Kargopol's (Northern Russia, Archangel region) Scarletwork,
Young married Russian woman,
Kargopol (Nothern Russia, Archangel region)
Scarletwork embroidered bed cover, XIX century ,
Museum of Kizhi (northern Russia, Republic of Karelia)
Ceremonial folk towels, Nothern Russia
Blackwork Renaissance men's chemise,
Blackwork Renaissance men's chemise, collar details,
reconstruction by Tracy Thallas/Practical Blackwork Designs
You can read more about this very shirt at Tracy Thallas' blog.
Northern Russia (Archangel region) men's chemise,
Northern Russia (Archangel region) men's chemise,
collar details, reconstruction

The technique of the embroidery is very similar, but the ornaments, color solutions, semantics and destiny is so different...

To be continued.

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  1. Please add note that the items shown in the photos "tudor chemise reconstruction" ( shown directly under Louise Pass blackwork coif ) and "Blackwork Renaissance men's chemise, reconstruction" were made by Bonnie Beglin of thistlebees. Thank you ever so much! thistlebees-bon