Contemporary Russian Blackwork

The Russian Blackwork company produces and sells embroidery kits based on the CS BlackPearlDesigns' patterns, it is an official distributor of "BlackPearlDesigns" in Europe and the USA.
Creative Studio "BlackPearlDesigns" is a team of talented Russian designers who produce elaborated patterns in Blackwork embroidery technique. In our designs we combine centuries-old traditions of Blackwork with modern embroidery tendencies and Russian spirit.

Our mission is to supply the lovers of Blackwork embroidery with premium quality embroidery kits featuring different themes and subjects starting from samplers and up to human portraits.

While working out our designs we follow several principals:
1. We develop not just a singular design, but the whole collection that as a rule consists of 3 or 5 designs of the same theme. This ensures that our adherents will for sure find a design to their taste and likings.
2. We always add a small portion of embellishments to our designs – beads, lurex or metalized floss, satin ribbons, sequins, etc. to give our works a touch of exquisite look. But not too much so that it wouldn't make the stitching process too complicated.
3. We always stitch the models of our designs to put a photo of the finished work on the cover of the kits. While the model is being stitched we correct and improve the pattern for the convenience of the stitcher. Besides having a stitched work on the cover guarantees that the pattern is workable, and the model can also be used as a guidelines for your stitching process.
4. We try to offer you a choice of the fabric color – white or cream, and color solution for some of our designs. For example, you can chose the color solution that matches your tastes or interior best for The Dragons collection.

Our kits is packed with quality Aida fabric, threads (cottons, metalized, lurex), beads and a tapestry needle. The embroidery fabric is precut with 5 cm allowance to each side to the pattern size to guarantee that the finished work can be easily mounted to the frame or arranged as a panno. Cottons are tucked in the cardboard organizers and metalized and lurex threads are reeled to the floss bobbins to ease the stitching process. Beads are packed into the small plastic bags with a zip lock.
The charts are A3 sheets in colors and go with legend and instructions for stitching, that makes  them comprehensive and easy to follow.
Each kit is packed in an individual plastic bag with a colorful cover.
At the moment we are glad to offer you the following collections:
1. Love is in the air, 3 designs. Love collection, February 2012
2. Ladies on horses, 4 designs. Elegant equestriennes
3. Dragons-2012, 2 designs. Dragons-2012
4. Wildlife spirits, 5 designs. Wildlife spirits
5. Christmas windows, 3 designs.
6. Holy night, only 1 design is available now (in the future we will finish the hole collection and it will consist of 3 designs).
7. Love is in the air! 2 designs
8. Happy Easter, 1 design.

Our plans for 2012-2013:
1. Happy Easter: Easter basket, Faberge eggs (in colors). Release in 2013.
2. Sweet baby: Welcome new baby (for boys and girls), Baby Boy portrait,  Baby Girl portrait. Release in 2013.
3. Vintage fashion: Hats of the 20ies, 3 designs. Release in 2012-2013.
4. Russian Orthodox icons, 4 designs. Release in 2012-2013.
5. Russian spirit– Russian girls in traditional folk garments. Release in 2012.
6. Slavic heritage: 3 designs. Release in 2013.
7. Mythical horses: 3 designs. Release in 2013.
8. Maritime collection: 3 designs. Release in 2013.
9. Pets: 3 designs. Release in 2013.
10. Funny clowns: 3 designs. Release in 2013.

I'm glad and proud to share the results of our work and hobby with you! My personal goal is to show you the wide range of wonderful things that could be constructed with simple back- and double -running stitches, with simple outline and ellabotreted fill-in patterns! Our designs are full of life and soul of people who created and stitched them! They are cheerful!

I'm pleased to see now that our works do touch people as more and more needle- and craftswomen come to visit my store and purchase our kits!

Join us at Facebook to follow the news, working process, new kits that we regularly add to our assortment and new trends in modern Blackwork as well!
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And as a small bonus you will find at Facebook a disсount code that is applicable to the embroidery kits' assortment at my shop :)

Hope to start your new passion here - a passion for contemporary Russian Blackwork!


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