Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love is in the air!

Here comes February and soon we will celebrate the St.Valentine's Day!
I'm proud to present you our new festive collection of polychrome Blackwork "Love is in the air"!

This polychrome cheerful collection was inspired of course by Love. Designs of this collection suit perfectly to expresses your emotions and will become a peculiar way to tell that very person about your feelings!
This series could as well be called Heart collection, because you will find hearts of different types in each of these designs. A pair of tender swans are framed with pink ribbon twisting in a shape of a heart. The nightingale sings its Love song with a burning fancy crimson heart as a background. And Cats purr languidly emitting the vibes of love.
And we promise that the collection will be replenished in the future as Love is multifaceted and can be depicted in an endless row of images.

We still work at the Wedding sampler with a coach"Wedding Day" - the model is under stitching now. And I'm pretty sure we'll finish it by the end of February. 
Colorful Blackwork looks unusual, I agree. But I'm as well convinced that all creative means are good to express true Love and deepest heart feelings!

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