Thursday, 9 February 2012

Elegant equestriennes in Blackwork

The collection "Ladies on horses" was created in 2011.

It features 4 equestriennes in elegant retro clothes riding horses that are so thoroughly worked out to reflect the grace of these creatures. The elegance of noble women accompanied by strong and majestic animals creates the harmony and sublime beauty that we tried to reproduce in our designs.

This fine collection is worked out in a classic Blackwork style, with the dominating black thread. We dared to add subdued grey and brown shades to complement a little variety to the images. And you will as well be glad to find a small portion of embellishments such as holographic lurex threads and beads that we introduced to these designs to finish them with a touch of glamour.

Ladies on horses

Windy day. Finished size 16x19 cm.

Winter ride with a Greyhound. Finished size: 22x19 cm.

Trotting. Finished size: 21x19 cm.

After the ride. Finished size 22x19 cm.
We adress this collection not only to the Blackwork lovers, but also to everyone who adores horses and fine retro style.
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