Our Blackwork patterns are available as CHART-ONLY now!

We finally launched a listing called Blackwork pattern of the month!
And now our customers are able to purchase our Blackwork patterns as a chart-only at a cost of 50-60% from the kit's regular price and pay less shipment charge due to the light weight of the item.

The pattern of the month is a chart-only of one of the CS BlackPearlDesigns kits. And the kit for this listing is chosen randomly every month.

The price for this chart-only is 50% of the regular kit's price.

And current chart-only is...

one of the lovely cristmas windows from festive "Christmas windows" collection (one at your choice):
When customers purchase this item they get:
- a chart (A3 sheet);
- an instruction for stitching in English;
- a cover with the illustration of the finished work.

Each item is packed in the individual plastic bag.

It's important that the charts are changed every month (the kits for this item are chosen at random) and this very chart will be offered for sale only during current month.

Discover the world of contemporary Black embroidery together with Russian Blackwork!

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  1. You have made an error quite a bad one at should read -a chart (A3 sheet) not what you have put !!!!

    1. Yes, thank you! That's really odd... I write this word many times and that time it went really weird. Sorry!