Friday, 24 February 2012

Wildlife spirits in cross-stitch!

And we have finally released a new collection - "Wildlife spirits" that was for a long time keept in reserves!
This collection is a set of peculiar animalisctic designs performed in a traditional tribal style. In these designs we tried to preserve the athmosphere of cave drawing and pass the sense of admiration and respect that our ancestors experiensed towards wild animals on whom they were greatly depended in those ancient times.

Wildlife spirits collection consists of 5 designs:

Pattern size: 220x267 st.

Pattern size: 208x238 st. 

Pattern size: 212x261 st.

Pattern size: 212x258 st.  

Pattern size: 216x276 st.
The designs are to be stitched in halfcross-stitch, and it is recommended to stitch them on white Aida 16.
We offer 2 colorways for this collection - Silver line and Amber line - at your choice.

Designs from this collection will be stylish and extraordinary home decor when finished and framed or can be an exclusive present for a special event!
Find them at my Etsy web-store.
Happy stitching!
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