Friday, 10 February 2012

Blackwork Dragons-2012

This collection was worked out specially for the year of Dragon 2012 and consists of 4 various designs that were created by 4 different designers.
Blackwork Lindworm dragon
Fantastic Lindworm floats in the air and pour over a stream of flowers and beads. Dragons are seldom kind but this one is for sure kind and cute – having it at your home means that it will fill your house with positive emotions and luck and will cheer you up every day!
(available as a Blackwork kit in several color solutions)

Flying Dragon is also not a usual beast. Its translucent wings remind the wings of a butterfly and it hovers gracefully, and is as well a friendly dragon.
(available as a Blackwork kit in several color solutions)

The Dragons' family is cute and amusing. Can you resist their charms? Stitching this design is really a pleasant thing, and this amicable family will charge you with great mood and give inspiration and positive attitude to life.
(available as a chart only)

The Dragon-sampler is quite a canny beast. This design will bring you the joy of stitching a lot of traditional Blackwork fill-ins. But be careful with him – it has obviously got something on it's mind!
(available as a chart only)

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