Friday, 9 March 2012

When I'm bored or Napping cat

When I'm tired of routine (correcting existing patterns, designing kits' cover, writing instruction and endless stitching of model works), I entertain myself by the drawing patterns, that were in my mind for a long time.
Since long ago I've dreamed of a Pet series - dogs, cats, fish, parrots, may be, in Blackwork. And finally as I got tired of stitching Wedding sampler and Easter routine I've started a project I called "Napping cat".
The inspiration for this projest I found in the endless pictures of sleeping cats and incredible postures they choose for that important part of their life :)))

So, here is my latest draft. Still lots to do, but anyway it already gives some idea of the future result.

It will definetly be in colors, with a bit of beads and may be sequins.
I hope to finish it by the end of March, and in April I'll may be stitch the model.

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