Saturday, 4 August 2012

Old salt

A sailboat that I stitched recently is not the first marine gift that I did for my husband.
Last year I stitched a viking ship by Permin of Copenhagen for him
And a year before I did a cube with marine items on its sides (I'll post a photo a bit later as my husband brings it home fron work).
Besides this winter I did a greeting card for a friend who started a new job then.
So marine theme is really dear to me. And my Blackwork Birthday sailboat reminded me about a cross-stitch pattern that I developped long time ago for our friends who run a yacht-club. I called it Yachtsman's secret.

 I didn't have time to stitch that pattern then, but now as I'm plunged into the maritime theme I took up this work and I'm about to finish it in a week or two. It is very far from Blackwork, but rather funny, so I think it'll make you smile :)

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