Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Birthday Boat

Though I'm again a newly baked mama (as Norwegians say), I'm full of  ideas and projects as usual :)
Summer is very fruiyful season for my family - on the 22nd of June we delivered our second son Andrej
in July it is my husband who is celebrating his Birthday and in August is my elder son's Birthday.
So for my husnband I've just finished a cute sailboat as he is very fond of the sea (and he is doing ocean studies by the way, though he studies ocean sitting at the office and working at the PC :)
Hope to stitch it within these 3 weeks. And surely I'll have to give up for a while my Slavic collection
but that is even for the better - usually after a short brake at one project I return to it with new thought and fresh ideas :)))

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