Tuesday, 19 June 2012

From Christianity to Heathen times...

I should confess that I am about to go to the Maternity Hospital to give birth to my second sun.
And now as I'm finishing my red Slavic design with the Great Mother-Ancestress I ponder over the fact that my pregnancy started with the work on the lovely Madonna and Child design.
When I finished stitching the model embroidery in October, 2011, I learned that I was pregnant. And I remember that I was stitching in a very positive mood and enjoyed the process of stitching very much.
And the end of my pregnancy is marked with the work on the wonderful heathen design of the Great Mother-Ancestress.
I find it curious that within these 9 months I made such a complicated and retrospective trip from the basic Christian theme back to our heathen origins.
My husband jokes that my next passion will surely be stone age idols and cave drawings.

 Well, you never know where one can find inspiration...

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